Desktop Air Purifier

desktop-air-purifier.jpgWorking at the office all day long can be quite a drag, especially when the ventilation in there isn’t much to shout about. How about having the Desktop Air Purifier grace your desk for some much needed fresh air?

Occupying as little desktop surface as a postcard, this compact air purifier from the manufacturer of our Best Air Purifier creates a personal clean air zone in your office, home, or hotel room. Its patented design houses an ionizer and a whisper-quiet 12-volt fan in a 6 1/4″ square brushed aluminum dock that draws air through the turquoise HEPA filter, trapping dust, smoke, pollen, and other impurities without emitting ozone. The purifier covers a 29′ sq. area with a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 20 for dust, 18 for smoke, and 25 for pollen, while requiring 85% less energy than comparable models. Overall, the unit is smaller than a shoebox, allowing you to pack it easily in a briefcase or luggage for travel. The filter lasts up to six months. Plugs into AC.

The Desktop Air Purifier retails for $89.95, so now you can have your own personal green lung space at the office.

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