Medusa splits your HDMI connection, doesn’t turn you to stone

Medusa HDMI hub

What’s in a name? Would a hub by any other name not be just as plain and boring? You’ll have to part my paraphrasing Bill Shakespeare, however, I’m really curious how people come up with some of the crazy names for gadgets. Take this HDMI hub for example. Do you really think that this seems like something that would resemble a mythological creature such as Medusa?

Sure, if it had a whole bunch of cables coming out of each side it might resemble the snake-hair of Medusa. However, this is only going to have four cables coming out at the very most. Perhaps you’ll simply turn to stone if you stare at it while the cables are plugged in. That really doesn’t seem like much of a selling point to me though.

Aside from its unusual name and square shape, this is your average ordinary HDMI hub. Plug in one cable and you’ll have three ports available for use. No word on pricing or availability.

Source: CrunchGear