Modu takes title of “world’s lightest phone”

modu1.jpgI remember during the late 1990s and early 2000s saw cell phones take the “smaller and lighter” route, with each new model deemed “good” or “excellent” based on its size first, and functions second. Who could forget about the race to have the smallest handset? Nokia’s 8xxx series and Ericsson’s colorful flip handsets definitely forged a path for everyone else to follow, but somewhere along the way cell phone design experienced a paradigm shift. Manufacturers realized that consumers wanted their cell phones to do more than just carry out conversations and send text messages – which is why handsets from then on started to get bigger and heavier due to the inclusion of more features. Fast forward to where we are today, it is a pretty tricky balancing act to figure out what consumers want – to do everything a high-end Nokia Communicator can without forcing you to tighten your belt by two notches to prevent the handset’s weight from dropping your pants. This is where the Modu phone comes in, as it has just picked up the title of the world’s lightest phone.

Tipping the scales at a mere 40.1 grams, the Modu will be made available to the masses in Q4 this year. This is a modular handset where you will be able to choose various add-ons to suit your needs at a particular point in time – for example, if you feel that you might want to snap a few photos during your night out with friends, just tack on the camera module and head out. The Modu is extremely small, measuring a mere 72.1mm x 37.6mm x 7.8mm and features Bluetooth connectivity, music playback and built-in 1GB memory, making it a viable portable mass storage device as well.

No idea on how much the Modu will cost, but you can be sure it won’t be a physical burden on your pocket then.

Source: Gizmag