A-Data released two Eee PC-branded storage solutions


Eee PC SD Card

It’s always interesting to watch the market get flooded with accessories when a new revolutionary product is released. Good examples would be the iPod and Wii. It seems like you can’t look anywhere without seeing an iPod dock or some strange weapon-themed holder for your Wiimote. It seems that the Eee PC may be added to that list.

A-Data has created two products for the tiny notebook that will provide some extra storage space. These special products are actually just an 8GB SDHC card and and an 8GB USB flash drive. So what exactly makes specially designed for the Eee PC? They’re white, and they say Eee PC on them.

We aren’t sure what these will cost when they make it to stores, but I sincerely hope that don’t expect anyone to pay extra for these. Any SD card or USB flash drive will work in the Eee PC.

Source: Crave

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