Freeze a dozen ice cubes in just 10 minutes

Ice Cube Maker

How often have you thought to yourself “I wish I had an ice cube maker?” I’m going to guess that most of you won’t have ever had that thought. It’s understandable, since practically everyone owns a freezer, which makes ice cubes. However, if you need a lot of ice in a short while, you’ll be disappointed. This is why the Ice Cube Maker Machine was created.

This simple device can freeze up a dozen cubes of ice in just 10 minutes. When you’re serving a lot of guests at a large gathering, a steady supply of ice is always needed. It accomplishes this feat by utilizing a highly efficient compressor which can freeze at much faster rates than a regular freezer. You’ll also be happy to note that it is a low-noise machine, so your guests won’t be bothered by any loud humming noises.

You’d better be throwing big parties every other week, because this gadget will set you back around $280. For that much money I think I can wait on my freezer.

Source: UberGizmo