COM-BAT Experimental Surveillance Flyer


I suppose that the military has been looking for more remotely piloted aircrafts since the MQ-1 Predator, and it appears they have been going to colleges for their next one. They have given the University of Michigan a $10 million dollar grant to come up with a “six-inch robotic spy plane modeled after a bat”.

I don’t know if the picture to the left here is their prototype, but you have to admit that it certainly looks neat. Not only is the COM-BAT (it’s official name?) designed for reconnaissance, but the military wants it to “gathers data from sights, sounds and smells in urban combat zones and transmit information back to a soldier in real time”.

This means no more going into enemy territory as blind as a bat. Okay, that was a bad joke, but it was too hard to resist. However, if you had an infrared lens in that COM-BAT, you could send a whole fleet of these things in, and the people you’re spying on may be none the wiser.

Believe it or not, this COM-BAT is planned to have energy scavenging potential, so it could be powered by wind and solar energy. That means it could stay in the air indefinitely, provided it has enough wind and sun. Other planned features are miniature microphones, as well as detectors for picking up nuclear radiation and poisonous gases.

Well, if this project doesn’t work, then maybe Batman would be interested in it. Just one of those coming at the Joker could be enough to make even him frown.


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  1. “The means of defense against foreign danger historically have become the instruments of tyranny at home.”

    — James Madison

    “Davidson’s legal travails began on January 16, 2005, when she told the U.S. Air Force that her husband Michael Severance, an airman, had been missing since the day before. Air Force investigators and the San Angelo Police Department began parallel investigations, which led them to conclude it was unlikely that Severance had deserted.

    Air Force Special Agent Greg McCormick did learn early on that Davidson owned a horse on a ranch, but investigators didn’t know where it was. In hopes that Davidson would lead them to it, Air Force agents placed a tracking device on the underside of her car in the middle of the night on February 26.

    The trial judge found that the military investigators followed procedures when placing the tracking device on Davidson’s car, not least because they consulted with the U.S. attorney and obtained approval from their regional commander. .. The appeals court said there was insufficient evidence to show that she should have an expectation of privacy on the property. What’s more, it said nobody should have any expectation of privacy in an “open field” and upheld her conviction. Excerpts from Texas Appeals Court’s opinion: In any event, the government’s intrusion upon the open fields is not one of those “unreasonable searches” proscribed by the Fourth Amendment or Article I, Section 9. The Fourth Amendment and Article I, Section 9 accord special protection to people in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, but that protection does not extend to “open fields.”—page-2/2100-7348_3-6234678-2.html

  2. Yes COM-BAT gadgets maybe cool, but if all hard earn tax money will be focus on betterment of mankind as a whole we maybe able to extend our life existent here on earth.and to think we only have one earth. not even mars or outside the solar system.if you prepare to war then you are certainly going to wage war. i like new gadget but the one to help clean our planet,to raise better food,eleminate using fossil fuel,when do we learn when no one will survive?mother earth is crying,we tend to earn a lot of money,did we saw the footage of the tribes inside the amazon? they do not have our technology they dont have proper education but they are the best example how to survive with less.need i explain more? The people in upland mongolia, they have less but more in terms of happiness and enjoying life. they make their ohess grow hundreds of goats hunt foxes using eagles,12 men =1 catch and every one is happy, no police no doctors no lawyers no crime, shame on us we have education, colleges and doctors but we only contribute to the distruction of life. i use a bicycle to go & back to office. where water is more expensive than gasoline.many are crazy about power & speed for their cars,thanks to your contribution for ending the precious life on earth ,tell you theres no reverse gear for this matter.theres none. we are so greedy for fame n success
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