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So you don’t have an iPhone, and neither have you made provisions in your monthly expenses to save up for one. What happens if you’re envious of your friends’ iPhones, and want a somewhat similar input system on your regular handset? This is where Dasur’s touch screen text input software for cell phones and PDAs come in.

Whereas in a standard reduced size keyboard, the user must be very accurate in touching a specific micro-area representing the key, with ThumbKey the user simply presses in the vicinity of the required key and need not be concerned if the thumb touches other keys simultaneously. Due to its unique algorithms, ThumbKey is able to identify the intended keys through a combination of characteristics of the keystroke (size and position of the finger). The algorithm processes the typed letters and its disambiguation feature suggests the intended word and additional candidate words, conveniently displayed next to the keyboard. Powerful word recognition enables you to enter only the first few letters of a word and then to make your choice from options conveniently offered on screen.

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