USB Engagement Ring

USB Engagement Ring

Nothing says “I love you” more than the USB engagement ring. Actually, nothing says “I’m too cheap to afford a real diamond ring, but I put a creative twist on this tradition” more than the USB engagement ring.

I always did find it odd that tradition that girls wear an engagement ring that may or may not have this really expensive rock that the groom has to take out a muy expensivo loan for. Why not invest a small amount of money in something a lot more practical?

With a USB engagement ring, you can download some cool stuff onto the drive. I suppose you can download a picture of the groom on one knee proposing, and then show it to anyone with a laptop. Personally, I think there is a lot of reasons to store valuable data on your ring. After all, I won’t easily lose my wedding ring, as I would a thumb drive.

Unfortunately, the USB engagement ring is not available now, and exists as concept only. I have heard that part of the concept is to convert the ring into a necklace after it is done. I’m even told there is one for the males that can be joined together, making the union official. Man, that is just geeky.


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