Kiddo Kidkeeper System

kiddo.jpgKidnappings are pretty common these days, so parents tend to over-worry when it comes to their kids’ whereabouts, which indirectly translates to a more strained relationship as the children themselves feel under pressure and “cornered”, whenever the adults start repeating all the same questions over and over again. Smart Target aims to relieve the pressure cooker environment on both parties with its wireless proximity alarm system that helps boost child safety, assisting parents in locating wayward younglings quickly, while keeping them within a pre-set “virtual fence”. This works great only with tiny tots and small ones, as those who are older will probably feel ashamed of being “caged” by such a system, so do exercise some care and discretion when you plan on using Smart Target’s solution known as the Kiddo Kidkeeper system.

The Kiddo Kidkeeper system comprises of a transmitter which is hooked up to the child, while the receiver itself is carried by the adult. The adults has the power to set just how far the child is allowed to move out of the “virtual fence” before a warning sound blares on the receiver itself. Guess the range shouldn’t be set too far, lest the adult perform a whole lot of running around, especially in public places like crowded shopping complexes and the like. Setting the distance requires some form of exercise though, as both the adult and child are required to walk the perimeter of the area. Once set, the Kiddo transmitter will begin blinking in green, while a color change in the LED is an indication that the batteries will need a replacement, pronto.

The transmitter itself can be attached with a snap hook, and parents should take the responsibility to secure it firmly to the child’s clothing. The transmitter utilizes a low frequency, ensuring there is no risk of it interfering with various electronic devices. The Kiddo Kidkeeper system can monitor up to four children at once, and has a maximum detection radius of 8 meters before the alarm goes off.

Source: Gizmag

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  1. Great product this one!!

    I was starting to wonder when they would create something like this… I’ve been using one with my little daughter and I’ve to say that it’s really usefull in malls, beaches, parks…

    Cool stuff 🙂


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