3 Piece Motion-Activated Security System

3pcs-security-system.jpgHere’s an extremely affordable home security system that won’t break the bank – after all, it retails for a mere $14.99!

You get two sensors that each operate independently; when motion is detected within 5′, it will sound an alarm for 5 seconds. Gives you a 5-second exit delay after you activate it. You also get a simulated security video camera that has a flashing red LED light, and actually “pans” side to side, to help deter potential intruders. Sensors and camera each have an on/off switch, and require three AA batteries (nine in total; none included). Sensors are each 3″x3-1/4″ tall; extend 2-1/4″ from wall. Camera with adjustable bracket is 2-1/4″x6″x6-1/4″ tall. Mounting hardware included.

I wouldn’t get this if I have a pet to take care off though, as the little bugger will probably set the alarm off all too often.