NET-2000 Traps You in My Web

by Mark R


This NET-2000 device here may look like a flashlight, but if you turn it on, a net will shoot out. That’s right, someone actually took an idea from a comic book and made it into a publicly-available net-shooter that you can use to take out bad guys.

This net-gun uses compressed gas through a pneumatic system, which I’m told is a better alternative to “traditional gunpowder activated net guns”. Yes, I had no idea that there were any traditional gunpowder activated net guns before today. You learn something new everyday. I’m guessing the ones that use gunpowder are for official or private use, and I’m guessing you might not need a license for a net gun.

The NET-2000 can shoot over 3-8 meters in a few seconds for sixteen square meters of capturing potential. In fact, pictures from the China Grabber website show it taking out two bad guys at once.

This NET-2000 is a nice alternative to apprehending criminals who are fleeing the scene. It’s a little safer than guns and less shocking than tasers. Hey, I’d rather be netted in the back rather than shot. Then again, hopefully I would never be in a situation where I was fleeing the scene of a crime.

Blogs everywhere can’t help but compare this device to Spider-man, for obvious reasons. Well, if you want to live out those old dreams, it will only cost you $419.


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Cameron Says: June 27, 2008 at 1:04 pm

well this is one great idea. after watching the tv show rob and big i realized that this was a great idea for trying to catch trespassers. plus it would also be fun just to mess around with friends. i would just like to know the website and price were these would be sold. any info would be great!

Doc Says: September 2, 2008 at 6:15 am

Where can one place an order? Beats running after trespassers

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