CallMe Prism-I

CallMe Prism-I

While driving down the highway one day, I had this fantastic idea for an inter-auto communication device. This way, you can communicate with the guy in front of you and sent messages like “you’re driving too slow”. I had this idea that all license plates could be something like phone numbers to communicate between cars.

However, since most people have cellular phones now, you could probably just call the car in front of you. How would you know the phone number? Just suction cup the CallMe Prism-I to your rear window.

This device is simply a programmable LCD that is solar powered, and can store about ten numbers. Apparently, the CallMe Prism-I is probably not designed to be an inter-automobile communication system. It is a way for desperate guys or girls to proudly display their digits to anyone passing by.

So its actual intended use could be real handy. After all, I can’t count how many times I’ve lost the opportunity to chat with a sexy pedestrian simply because I couldn’t give her my number before the light turned green. Also, I’ve lost count of all those times I’ve seen a beautiful driver and was unable to obtain her number for the aforementioned reason.

I’ve lost count simply because situations like that have never happened. The Call-Me Prism-I probably should market its product as an inter-auto communication system. In fact, if everyone was willing to invest $26 dollars, we could all start this trend right now.


3 thoughts on “CallMe Prism-I”

  1. Waste of money. Plus, it ONLY shows how desperate anyone is to give their digits to any onlooker making this type of driver even less attractive to others. Like I said, waste of money- cheaper just getting a sticker with your number and place it on the bumper like they used to do decades ago and still do. Ths gadet is an upgraded version of that sticker… Lame-O!

  2. The idea is very good but the usage suggestion is infantile.

    Why not programme it with some useful comments that might just help reduce road rage and lead to some courtesy amongst drivers. E.g. “Thank you” when someone lets you overtake or allows you to proceed in a narrow road. Or “Apologies/sorry for my mistake” when you know that the error was yours and you could not otherwise let the other driver/s know. or “Your high beams are dazzling everyone” to which the other driver could say “Sorry etc.”

    There must be several other valuable comments that could be included in the options.

    As only simple phrases would be used it would be even better if they could be voice activated.

    Wilf Berger.

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