MoGo Mouse is a tiny and cheap alternative to using your trackpad


MoGo MouseWhen traveling on the road, the last thing you want to do is toss a bunch of gadgets and accessories into your laptop bag. The more you have in there, the more bothersome it is to sort through it all and get out what you need. One gadget that you almost always want to have is a mouse, but unfortunately those can take up a bit of room, unless of course you store it inside your laptop.

While this MoGo Mouse BT isn’t going to be the most comfortable mouse to use for long periods of time, it will no doubt be better than using your trackpad. What makes this mouse really worthwhile is the fact that it slips into the PC Card slot of your laptop where it hides (and recharges) when you’re not using it.

The mouse communicates with your laptop via Bluetooth, so it’s slightly less convenient for those without built-in Bluetooth. The best part is that you can find these for as little as $30.

Source: Crave

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