D/A Clock: Time for Coolness

by Mark R

D/A Clock

Every once in a while, a clock comes out that is so cool, you can’t help but wonder why you haven’t see it before. This is certainly the case with the D/A clock. I’m not certain what the D/A stands for, but it has one of the most unique, yet obvious, looks for a clock.

I’m not certain whether you can see this from the photo, but this clock has special sections that physically rise up to show the digital time. This clock is made of wood as well as Dupont Corian, which is used on countertops.

The clock is the product of designer Alvin Aronson, who is a student at the Rhode Island School of Design, and he is destined to be at the top of his class. If Mr. Aronson can produce designs like these as a student, the he has a bright future ahead of him outside of college.

The D/A Clock certainly has a lot of applications, as it could go into a countertop, or even a shower. I guess that would have to be water-proofed. I certainly see this as a clock for the blind, assuming it can take the tactile interface.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a version of this as an analog clock, but that could be difficult. Maybe you could use the pin-pression technology that were used to make quick facial impressions back in the eighties.


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