WiFi and Bluetooth PCI card


bt-wifi-card.jpgSo you’re thinking of giving that old workhorse at home a new lease of life? Why not throw in this WiFi and Bluetooth PCI card?

All in one PCI card for getting not making your computer Wifi ready, but also turning your computer into a Bluetooth enabled workstation. Simple to install, and with easy to use software included, this powerful dual use PCI card features the very best and latest in both Bluetooth and Wifi technology. This is the computer accessory you need to make your computer the best it can be.

Chinavasion is carrying it for $20.97 a pop. Hey, anything that kills two birds with one stone at that price ought to sell well.

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plong Says: July 17, 2008 at 12:47 pm

if you look at the pictures of the PCI card itself, there’s a typo on the label sticker. it says bluetooth + DER (as opposed to + EDR)

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