ModoPocket MicroTripod: Just Don’t Lose It!

by Carolyn

modopocket_micro_tripod_inhand.jpgYou’ve all heard the expression “you can never be too rich or too thin”. Yet, a recent story about someone losing their MacBook Air because they may have thrown it out with their recycling has caused me to rethink the validity of this particular statement.

Take for example the ModoPocket MicroTripod for sale over at Think Geek. It’s tiny, sure, and it’s lightweight and easily portable. But is it so tiny and thin that you could spend the money on it and then misplace it because you’re not completely organized? It’s only 6mm thick when folded! I could lose it from opening the product box to look at it!! However, it would take up virtually NO space in your existing camera bag and it would come in quite handy for those shots that you can’t get without one.

The Think Geek description for this tiny titan of the tripod:

What’s missing from your photo album? YOU! There are lots of pictures of your friends, your sister, your dog… but none of you. Why? Somebody has to hold the camera! That’s a lame excuse. Yes, we know the average geek is relatively anti-social, and we don’t want you to break those habits, per se, but you sure could use an extra hand.

While having a cloned or robotic arm grafted on would be unbelievably cool, it’s not really practical. What you need is a stable place to rest your camera while the self-timer takes a pic for you. You could rest your camera on any flat surface, but unless it’s resting at just the right angle, you’re more likely to take a picture of the top of your head than one properly framed.

What we’ve got is a tiny tripod that mounts to the base of your camera, It folds flat – a mere 6mm thick, so you never have to take it off! Set your camera down, place the feet so the lens is pointed right, press the timer-switch, and BOOSH. There you have a properly framed picture that proves you were there. You exist. You matter. See? It’s all about being there.

“BOOSH”, huh? That’s some pretty powerful language for a tiny metal tripod. I would think words like “PRESTO” or “VOILÀ” would be more appropriate for such feats of camera wrangling. Oh well – I guess that’s why I don’t work for Think Geek to write product descriptions.

Pick one of these BOOSH-inducing gadgets for yourself for $29.99.

[Think Geek]

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Carolyn Says: March 14, 2008 at 7:47 am

@Fraize: My camera doesn’t make a “BOOSH” sound – but then I take photos with no flash. Get much better (and more accurate) results, IMO.

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