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Will robots take over the world in the future? It sure sounds like it. They might be docile servants for now, performing domestic tasks such as vacuuming our homes while clearing out gutters and cleaning swimming pools, but surely they will one day decipher the secrets of the human mind and take advantage of our weaknesses the more room and space we give them. Take the MindMentor for instance – this online robot psychologist is the first of its kind in the world, and clients will pay a minimal €4.95 per hour. Developed by a couple of Dutch psychologists who specialize in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), the system has gone through its baptism of fire with tests on 1,600 clients all over the world, and 47% of them have responded positively that they are satisfied after only one session. I wonder whether the troubles of these satisfied folks are too simple to solve, or the MindMentor is THAT good.

The RoboCoach in MindMentor will welcome you initially, asking you to loosen up. Once both of you are acquainted with one another, the RoboCoach will continue interacting with you, trying to analyze your problems while providing a workable solution. The two pyschologists who devised MindMentor said, “Some psychologists thought it was impossible – and some still think so – but it actually works. People solve their problems and attain their life goals with MindMentor’s help. Results from tests showed that MindMentor was able to solve the problems for 47% in just one session, a score that any real life psychologist would be proud of.”

MindMentor is not a lone ranger as it has several ‘colleagues’ to work with. It asks smart questions which address the unconscious mental resources of the client. His two colleagues are RoboRorschach who deals with projective testing while ProvoBot (an expert in provocative humor) will help provide a solution or new take on a situation within an hour’s time.

Source: Primidi

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