Huawei USB Pebble brings 3G data and mobile TV to your notebook



Whenever I hit the road for any length of time I always think about how great it would be to get a 3G card for my laptop. It’s always such a pain to go looking for an open wireless connection, and it would be so much simpler to be able to connect almost anywhere. While I haven’t made the plunge just yet and signed up for service, this would be a 3G HSDPA modem that might be worth looking into when I do.

Some of you might recognize this USB Pebble modem, however, it is different than its predecessor. Most notably is the inclusion of a digital TV tuner. While I can’t recall a time that I really desired to watch TV on my laptop, it might be nice to have the option.

The device, dubbed the E510 can achieve theoretical speeds of 7.2Mb/s down and 2Mb/s up. It appears that this is initially only going to be available in Europe for an undisclosed price.

Source: EverythingUSB

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