Coleman Ceiling Mounted-Fan

Coleman Ceiling Mounted-Fan

I found this product on another gadget blog the other day, and I found that the author was very critical of it.

Apparently, this author believed that the Coleman Ceiling Mounted-Fan was crossing a line when it comes to camping. The author went on to say that camping is about roughing it, and a ceiling mounted fan is too technological an accessory to be permitted on a “real” camping trip.

I have to agree that there probably is an envelope when it comes to things you should take on a camping trip, and the ceiling mounted fan probably pushes it. However, perhaps the question is not when “roughing it” begins, but when does it end?

After all, someone who takes an electric flashlight on a camping trip is taking a piece of technology with them to the campsite, and is no longer roughing it anymore. I suppose a gas-powered lantern would be a step up, but a gas-powered lamp is not exactly a product of nature. So who’s roughing it now?

So, if you’re willing to put a little something into your roughing it, then you can get the Colman Ceiling Mounted Fan for about $25. It operates on six D-size batteries and includes a light.


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  1. Cooler if it was solar powered. 6 D-Size batteries are a lot of weight to drag to camp. I like the idea of promoting air flow in your tent especially if you have a large outfitter tent thats going to be set up for an extended period of time.

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