Microsoft Xbox 360 gets price cut


xbox360-pricecut.jpgConsole wars are heating up, with the Xbox 360 well into its third year on the market. Since Nintendo introduced the Wii a couple of years ago, the little console that could actually managed to tear up to the very top of sales charts virtually everywhere it went. It didn’t matter that software didn’t sell for the console, everyone in the gaming world was taken over by doing something different, and the Wii definitely offered a whole new world of gaming compared to current practices where a standard D-pad controller and a bevy of buttons rule the day. Microsoft is closing its ranks now, after seeing Sony’s PS3 pick up steam since the demise of HD DVD. In order to take over Europe, Microsoft has announced price cuts that range anywhere from 20 to 50 pounds, depending on the model chosen.

According to Chris Lewis, vice president of Microsoft’s interactive entertainment business in Europe, “Xbox 360 is now mass market in Europe. History has shown that the reduced price point is where a console’s audience begins to expand, and with these new ERP’s in place, we’re ready to bring more consumers in the Xbox 360 world.”

This is the second price cut within 12 months that Microsoft has taken in order to help it gain more market share. The new price cuts will see the top of the line Xbox Elite get a 50 pounds discount, while the hard drive-less Xbox Arcade version is 20 quid cheaper. Will these price cuts actually move your heart (and wallet) to pick up an Xbox 360, if you haven’t yet done so already? It would be interesting to see how these price cuts affect the console wars. I think the Wii will continue to stay on top, although the PS3 will give the Xbox 360 a run for its money. After all, the Xbox 360 still has a huge advantage going for it in its way – it has the most mature and best gaming library among the three to date.

Source: CRN

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