Belkin Powerstrip has USB Functionality

by Mark R

Belkin Powerstrip

It seems to me that the more gadgets I acquire, the more USB cords that I am collecting. Is it just me, or are we steering away from charging our mobile devices with traditional electronic outlet plugs to charging exclusively to USB power.

I suppose that is all right if you have your computer on the whole time, or if you travel by laptop, like most businesspeople. However, what if you are in a situation where you have a gadget that powers only by USB charging and there is not a USB port to be found?

Fortunately, Belkin, a company known for PC peripherals, has a solution. You will notice that the power strip in this picture has a few outlets on it, but also has some USB ports on it as well. Now you don’t have to go crazy trying to find a USB port whenever you need to recharge your iPod, cell phone, or other mobile gadget.

I think that the Belkin powerstrip shows what kind of world we live in, and what world we are heading toward. I predict that, in the near future, every outlet will have at least one USB port, located right in the middle of the two plugs.


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