Baby Light & Clip


babylight.jpgI guess every new parent goes through the same agony of wondering whether they are doing things right where parenting is concerned. One interesting point to consider would be cutting their newborn’s fingernails – a delicate affair if you’re relying on traditional clippers or scissors. Avoiding accidents is the main agenda here, considering how those little ones love to squirm in your grip! The Baby Light & Clip helps make your task easier, featuring an integrated light that aids vision by illuminating the area underneath the nail, showing which part needs to be trimmed as well as revealing sharp nail edges. This prevents the baby’s fingertip from falling under the of cutting blades, while the cut nails will drop into a small compartment to keep things neat and tidy. The Baby Light & Clip is powered by a single AA battery and retails for under $15.

Source: Gizmag

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