X-Twin Thunderjet takes to the skies


xtwin-thunderjet.jpgThe X-Twin Thunderjet definitely has the looks, and according to the product description below, it also has the brawn to go along with its brain.

This ominous R/C flying machine looks meaner than a cybernetic vulture hearse (whatever that is) and it boasts twin duct-fan engines for serious kick-in-the-tailfin power. You can even vary its speed as it stalks the sky searching for enemy encampments. Or naughty duckie wucks and squirrels. Whatever. Once you get to grips with the controls you’ll be soaring through thin air and pulling off mind-blowing twists and turns. Like its real life USAF counterpart, the sinister Thunderjet looks almost unreal. In fact it reminds us of Firefox, that lethally sophisticated jet from the dodgy Clint Eastwood film of the same name. Unlike Firefox, however, the X-Twin can’t be controlled via thought impulses; you control the action with a twin-toggle, digital proportional transmitter that doubles up as a charging unit for its built-in lithium polymer battery. (20-30 minutes should give flight times of around 5 minutes).

Man, even if the Christmas season is still a good 9 months away, I want my X-Twin Thunderjet and I want it now! £24.95 from Firebox.

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