Temperature changing mug might not be useful, but is still cool


Hot Cold Mug

I must be dehydrated, because I’m writing about another drinking-related gadget. This one is a bit more simplistic than the single-serve blender I spoke of earlier. Some people tend to burn their hands (or tongues) on hot coffee or hot chocolate, which is never fun. Other times you’ll leave a cup sitting around for longer than you realize, then take a swig of a disgustingly-cold drink. That’s never fun. This simple mug makes it blindingly obvious how warm your drink is.

The mug is coated with a heat sensitive glaze which changes color according to the temperature of the beverage contained within. Sure, it’s not a necessity to have your cup tell you how warm your drink is, I think you can find out yourself. That’s really not the point though, it looks cool and it might save you from taking a sip of nasty coffee now and then. The asking price for one of these mugs is $25.

Source: UberReview

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