MovinCool Office Pro 63 cooling system


moving-cool.jpgKeeping yourself cool during the summer often involves wearing very light and thin clothing, putting enough sunblock on your skin, wearing a pair of UV-resistant sunglasses, and sipping a pina colada out in the lawn with a good book in hand. Oh yeah, when you get back into your room, chances are it is going to be rather hot as well, so there is a very real need to turn on the air conditioner. While a standard air conditioner is good enough for humans, what about computer servers? Those electrical behemoths require cooling all the time, regardless of the season at hand. Enter the Office Pro 63 cooling system. Read more on the product description right after the jump.

The Office Pro 63 is a 460V, 3-Phase system that provides 60,000 ETL-Verified Btu/h of cooling. It is designed to cool large spaces with ease, and serves as the ideal solution for heat-sensitive server/telecom equipment rooms. The Office Pro 63 was also designed to offer the ultimate in convenience, with a programmable digital controller for automatic operation after-hours and on weekends, and a condensate pump kit, which makes continuous operation simple and efficient. Additionally, the system offers a two-speed fan to control airflow.

According to John Doran, senior manager for MovinCool, “Based on customer feedback, we realized there was a significant need for a larger, 460V, 3-Phase cooling system with convenient operation. The Office Pro 63 was a logical way to extend the lineup. Now we can offer all the voltages for a five-ton cooling unit to customers — 208, 230 and 460V. And with the programmable thermostat and automatic condensate pump, the Office Pro 63 is a true ‘roll in, plug in, turn on and walk-away’ solution.” Office managers – are you reading this? Take heed of what the man is saying then.

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