Ripfactory rips your CD collection with ease


I’m a person that loves music, so one would assume that I have a massive collection of CDs. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case, even though I have a ton of MP3s. I was fairly smart and started ripping my CDs a very long time ago, which came in handy when case of 300+ CDs turned up missing. There are several people that I’ve tried to talk into ripping their music not only to keep a backup, but to also make it much easier to listen to their music. I always get the same response that it takes too long and it’s a pain. This CD Ripserver is perfect for those who don’t feel like taking the time and effort to do it themselves.

CD ripping doesn’t get much easier than this. Simply insert a CD and the Ripserver will automatically rip all of the tracks into Flac or MP3 format, then spit out the CD when it’s finished. The box will have either 500GB or 1TB of storage space in a RAID 1 configuration to keep your files safe. The device hooks into your network can be considered a NAS for your music. The price is a bit hefty for what it does though. The 500GB version will run almost $1200, while the 1TB will set you back nearly $1400.

Source: Crave

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