AMD switches to 45nm process for new CPUs


AMD 45nm

I must say that AMD has disappointed me over the last year or two. I used to be an AMD guy, and most of the computers in the house still run some form of Athlon chips. However, my main gaming PC and notebook both run on Intel CPUs. It seems like at every turn AMD is just playing catch-up. Did I mention that they’ve announced that they’re getting ready to switch over to a 45nm process for their new chips?

I really don’t want to talk bad about AMD, as I always secretly hope that with every new announcement they might be returning to their former glory. They are citing lower power-consumption and cooler-running chips as the two main reasons for switching over to the smaller process. It’s a logical progression for them to make this move, but once again Intel beat them to the punch.

Source: CrunchGear

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