Stikfas fires your imagination


stikfas.jpgOnce you’re an adult, it doesn’t mean that you ought to cease playing. Playing fires the imagination and helps us unwind, in addition to revitalizing that noggin’ of ours.

Starting your Stikfas adventure is easy – just remove the plastic pieces from the sprue and assemble. Now you have a tiny action figure full of possibilities. Each Stikfas is about 3.2” tall and has at least 14 points of ball-jointed articulation. And every pack is a theme pack, which means you’ll get tons of accessories (read: weapons!) specific to that theme. Some folks like to leave their Stikfas as is (nude?) – others like to apply some of the STIKers included for more personalization. Some Stikfas fanatics take customizing to new levels: adding clay, cloth, feathers, you name it! The Stikfas body then becomes a skeleton for anything your mind can create. There are even stop motion movies out there with only Stikfas actors. So, let your imagination soar, and go build that 3.2” plastic desk minion you’ve always wanted.

Guess this is a modern day Lego which you can indulge , with prices ranging from $8.99 to $9.99.

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