iRecorder simplifies recording


irecorder.jpgThe iRecorder helps you simplify the video recording process without having to go through convoluted manuals that were meant to be understood by technical people.

Basically this neat little gizmo plugs into your TV and your portable media player, sucks out your movie or whatever, compresses it, and pops it onto your device. Hey presto, no computers needed – it pretty much acts like a VCR or DVD recorder, but of course effortlessly squeezes a two hour movie down into a 2 Gig MPEG4 file. It will record from analog TV, cable, set top box, satellite receiver box, DVD or your Camcorder. As long as there’s an RCA jack output from your source, you can plug it into this device’s AV-IN jack to record. The iRecorder also has an AV OUT for you to preview or play your video on your TV. The USB jack lets you simply plug in your iPod, or whatever, and store your recorded video directly to it. The gizmo is compatible with iPods, ano (3rd generation), iPod Classic or any other USB device media device that can play s. Now it’s not just the scary people with pens in their top pocket who can watch movies on the move.

The iRecorder can be yours for £99.95.

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