Iomega REV 120GB backup drive

iomega-revdrive.jpgIomega has a brand new portable hard drive for you to perform all your backups, and it is known as the Iomega REV 120GB Backup Drive. Being the third generation of its kind, it targets small and small and medium-sized businesses, remote work groups and others. It will be launched worldwide this April in two form factors – an external USB 2.0 and internal SATA interface model, with plans for a REV 120GB ATAPI interface model to come sometime in the middle of this year. is planned for mid-year.

According to Tom Kampfer, president and COO, Iomega Corporation, “With a REV install base of 350,000 drives and 2,000,000 disks, tape backup for small business has worn out its welcome. Iomega’s removable REV platform is a proven technology that delivers performance and ruggedness that no tape product can match. Compared to entry-level tape products like LTO-1 and DAT160 format tape drives, the new REV 120GB Backup Drive offers more native capacity, near instantaneous random access to files, faster backups and restores, and ruggedized cartridges – all at a much better drive price. In addition, REV drives offer today’s multimedia enthusiast a limitless storage solution for libraries of content with each 120GB REV disk holding approximately 48,000 photos, 2,000 hours of music or 12 hours of high-definition video.”

Some of the features found in this new REV 120GB Backup Drive includes a maximum data transfer rate of up to 35MB/s, superior third party software support and an estimated 30-year archival life, where in all probability, we won’t be storing data on a much different form factor/media by that time. Each REV 120GB disk comes equipped with an estimated one million rewrite durability, offering a similar kind of performance that tape backup products will never match. Best of all is, you don’t need any sort of head cleaning unlike tape products, and there is no need for expensive retensioning tape replacement regimes.

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