Fred 500XL PC Speakers

Fred 500XL PC Speakers

I’ve reported on some great PC Speakers before, and I would have to say that most of the satellite speakers usually look all the same. I have to give the Fred 500XL PC Speakers points for creativity.

What you are seeing here is not a magnified shot of earbuds along with a normal sized shot of a regular laptop. No, someone actually went and created speakers like giant earbuds.

The purpose of these speaker stereo earphones is to connect with your MP3 player or PC. There is a built-in amp with 3-way power which gives some serious sound action. As for power, it can run on batteries or a computer USB port.

Hopefully, there is some sort of OSHA warning that says: caution, do not put these speakers into your ears. Of course, you would need ears like Plastic Man or Mr. Spock in order to get these things to work like actual earphones.

I’m wondering if this will begin a fad about overly large iPod accessories. For example, maybe someone will make an iPod dock the size of a HDTV. Maybe someone will make an overly large iPod that has a clicker wheel the size of a steering wheel.

Until then, we’ll settle for this. The Fred 500XL Computer Speakers are available for pre-order for about $36.99.