Quantum Reach broom


quantum-reach.jpgAsk any homemaker what their biggest gripe about brooms are and they will tell you that it is the head that is not perfectly shaped and angled to clean just about any nook and cranny in the home. Enter the Quantum Reach – this unique broom is capable of doing what an ordinary broom can’t and more.

The secret of Quantum Reach is the articulating head and multiple surfaces. The head adjusts to any angle, allowing cleaning of any area: under beds or furniture, above art or overhangs, ceiling fans, HVAC vents, behind appliances, and even windows. Quantum Reach has bristles on one side of the head for sweeping and unique “T” hooks on the other side to attach Mircrofiber pads for sweeping, mopping and dusting. Quantum Reach also features a telescoping pole, which provides compact and easy storage for the consumer and lower shipping cost and reduced shelf space for the dealer. Quantum Reach provides the cleaning power of a broom, mop and duster in one easy-to-use and store tool. Quantum Reach is setting a new standard in the hard floor cleaning category.

I’m not sure if getting this as a gift for your other half is such a good idea. Still, if you’re a risk taker, the Quantum Reach broom retails for $19.99.

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