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I would say that many people who already own cell phones would probably have gone through a fair number of handsets in their entire lifetime. After all, I am already in my fifth cell phone today, changing one every couple of years or so. Well, what do you normally do with those old handsets and their batteries? Chances are you would have thrown it away without giving much though, and the stockpile of used and outdated electronic products are starting to clog up landfill sites, and those very sites get larger and larger each day. Should we continue to head in the same direction each day, the environment would definitely be under more stress than it can handle and it will buckle up one day, coming back to bite our children in the future. The Green Cell battery could be the solution that ends this dilemma, offering a single, standardized battery which is universal enough to fit just about any personal electronic device including cell phones.

The Green Cell concept has picked up third place in the Greener Gadgets Competition which was held recently in New York City, designed by Theo Richardson with Charles Brill & Alex Williams of RBW. This unique battery is manufactured without the use of toxic chemicals, making it safe and environmentally friendly. In addition, it can be recharged or replaced at a local vending machine, making it a snap for you to juice up your device no matter where you are, as long as there is a vending machine nearby. While not as universal as solar-power, at least it is much more convenient than what we have today, where different phones have specific chargers.

I wonder when will this simple, eco-friendly and sustainable battery make its way to the manufacturing line. All I know is, it can’t come soon enough – will all those hardware companies out there co-operate and forget about proprietary batteries and chargers? After all, we only have one earth.

Source: Gizmag

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Ian Kemmish Says: March 3, 2008 at 12:44 pm

If you want a green battery, you’ll probably need to invest several dozens of man years of effort by chemists and engineers in the project, and not a back-of-a-cigarette-packet sketch by a someone who just wants to win a competition for the best vapourware.

In the meantime, just pop your old mobile phone in the post to Fonebak (or whatever the equivalent is in your country) where it will either be shipped off to Africa or have the raw materials recycled. Over here, most of the telecoms operators will send you a prepaid Fonebak envelope on request.

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