C7000A Cardiograph Mobile Handset


cect-logo.jpgQiao Xing Universal Telephone, Inc. of China has just dropped an announcement that they will be launching a brand new C7000A cardiograph mobile handset pretty soon. Some of the features include :-

  • Cardiograph function: Users will be able to perform a basic cardiograph, which they can send to doctors via MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) through a GPRS network. Doctors will then be able to provide medical advice by sending a text message back to the mobile phone. If there is a serious problem, doctors can call the patient directly.
  • Ultra-Long standby time: The handset can run for over 120 days in standby mode without a recharge.
  • Large LCD: The handset offers a 3.0 inch LCD screen.
  • Super phone book: The handset offers enough memory to store 500 names in the phone book.

CECT has already supplied two hundred trial units of the C7000A mobile handset to The People’s Insurance Company (Group) of China, and they have plans to offer the handset as a present for their VIP customers.

Mr. Wu Zhi Yang, Vice Chairman of XING, mentions, “We dedicate a large amount of resources to our efforts to develop highly differentiated handsets. The C7000A is a result of these efforts. It represents a breakthrough in the use of mobile handset technology. No longer are handsets only tools for entertainment and communication. We have been able to incorporate a piece of advanced medical technology that could possibly save lives. It is this kind of differentiating handset feature that we continually strive to offer to our customers in China.”

No idea on how much such a handset costs, but it ought not to be too expensive if it were to be adopted by a whole lot of people. Not too sure why they call the 500 number phone book as “Super”, as many handsets these days can already handle that amount of numbers and more. Hopefully we’ll see a phone that can take our blood pressure in the future as well.

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