TandemZ-1 Micro Chopper


The TandemZ-1 Micro Chopper is not meant for novices as getting the hang of it comes with a rather steep learning curve to it.

For starters the Tandem utilises 3 channels (for up, down, forward and backward movement) and a dual trim system (for pitch and yaw), so novice pilots need not apply. It also boasts a sophisticated gyroscopic mechanism plus unique tilting rotors for additional control. Piloting this baby makes patting your head and rubbing your tummy whilst playing the xylophone with your feet seem about as difficult as pulling down your pants. And that’s what makes it so addictive.

The Tandem might come with a pair of powerful rotors, but they ought to be able to fly for approximately 10 minutes from a normal charge of up to 25 minutes. Sounds like diminishing returns if you ask me. This rescue helicopter retails for £39.95 and comes in red, blue or orange colors.

2 thoughts on “TandemZ-1 Micro Chopper”

  1. These toys are fun and mad addictive and being able to fly one makes you wonder if maybe your in the wrong line of work LOL! I wish I could be a real chopper pilot.

  2. TandemZ-1 id fun to fly, but not very durable. If you are not use to flying one of these helos, you could easily damage your bird in the practice period.

    I purchased one for $60.00. Within two hours of practice hovering my TandemZ-1 started to malfunction, losing the pitch control which allows it to fly forward and backward. The body is a styrofoam type material taht does not support the internal mecahnics very well during crashes, resulting inoperability.

    It was an expensive two hours for me!

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