Philips brings toasters to the 21st century

Phillips toaster

Toast has to be one of the most simplistic pieces of food to make that actually requires preparation. Just pull out the bread, pop it in the toaster, pull down the lever and it does the rest. The toaster itself is rather simple, you have metal brackets that hold down the toast and wires along the sides that heat up your bread. However, that just seems too simple for Philips, who has created a more modern toaster.

The new 1200W HD2618 just sounds complicated. It features a digital countdown timer, so you know exactly when your crunchy bread is going to pop up, selections for one or two-sided toasting and power of up to 1200 watts. Seriously, my old clunky toaster does just fine, and I’ll bet that the toast comes out exactly the same from mine as this $120 piece of equipment.

Source: Dvice

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  1. How can I buy the Phillips 2 slice, long slot toater? I found it on a web site and it does not give a price or instruction on how to buy it.

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