UCCTOP XENO: A Complete Mobile Recording Studio

by Carolyn

ucctop_xeno_1.jpgAs a podcaster (or netcaster, depending on the terminology you use), we have a great studio setup to record in. But we’re always wanting to go “on location” to record and it’s really become an issue to have a truly mobile recording setup to go out on those location broadcasts. We don’t have a crew to follow us around and carry the equipment – we do it all ourselves. In the past, we’ve used a 4 channel mixer and an old G4 PowerBook. Still, not very mobile.

Then I discovered the UCCTOP XENO. It looks to be a combination laptop and mixer with lots of cool controls and features that would be perfect for a mobile broadcasting setup. Here’s the list of details from their website:

Multi-Channel Input
Four-channel video and 6-channel audio input

Selected video channel switching and 6-channel audio mixing

Real-time insertion of subtitles and company logo during live broadcasting

Video Conversion
Converting the inputted video sources into a wmv file for internet broadcasting

Control of External Devices
Remote controlling of a camera’s pan, tilt, and zoom, as well as external devices such as video an dDVD players

Video Distribution
Produced VOD files are automatically stored in the media server and registered on a VOD list of ‘My Studio’.

‘Movie Maker’ provides functions for editing filmed videos with several switching effects, images and sounds.

Real-time file transmission in an encoded format. Automatic scheduled broadcasting.

It does look a bit heavy, and there is no pricing information yet – and that usually means it’s a bit spendy. Probably more than this independent podcaster can handle! Still, it’s really friggin’ cool.

[UCCTOP via Akihabara News]

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Recording studios Las Angeles Says: March 26, 2009 at 9:15 pm

This cool gadget is the greatest of all I have seen. The design of this gadget is quite amazing and compact. Simply amazing.

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