Sony ICF-ClipMK2 Clock Radio

sony-icf-clipmk2.jpgHow many of you folk out there already own an iPod, or maybe having two or three in a single household? I’m sure I see plenty of hands being lifted up, and chances are most of you already have some sort of iPod dock sitting in your living room or bedroom. That deduction makes perfect sense, considering just about any company coming out with iPod docks these days, never mind their sound quality. After all, they make convenient charging points as well. Sony is about to jump onto the iPod dock bandwagon with its clock radio known as the ICF-ClipMK2. Yeah, it is pretty unpronounceable, but we’ll have to make do with it for the moment.

The ICF-ClipMK2 is compatible not only with the iPod, but the iPhone as well, although the latter will have to be in iPod mode for it to play nice. With iPhone support, this makes Sony one of the first few companies to launch an iPhone-compatible speaker clock radio, bringing a wireless remote control with complete access to the iPod and iPhone devices’ menus to the table. In addition, users will be able to take advantage of the alarm clock’s radio tuning and volume functions, all from the remote control itself. As with other speaker docks, your iPod/iPhone will be charged the moment they are docked, so you’ll never have to worry about running out of juice.

sony has included an adjustable backstop mechanism that makes sure most devices fit in nicely and securely in the clock radio’s cradle. Smaller iPod players work with it just fine, and you can also hook up different MP3 players and PMPs to it as well thanks to the supplied cable and line-in jack. As for the alarm clock, well it functions just as that – you have the option to wake up or fall asleep to music, the radio or a buzzer. Automatic Daylight Savings Time adjustment take the headache out of configuring your clock whenever spring and fall arrives, while the LCD display has an adjustable brightness control for easy readability. Sony’s ICF-ClipMK2 clock radio will be available in either black or white designs this May, retailing for approximately $100 a pop.

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