Latest Tech News – 27 February

by Tiago


Hasta La Vista, Sharper Image

Sharper Image, a popular gadget store that we adore, has recently filled bankruptcy. So now is the time to say goodbye and visit their site one more time, to check their best (and worst) products.

In case you are wondering how much money they are owing to other companies, here are some round numbers: $2 million to Garmin from the GPS market, and $6 million to UPS.

It isn’t easy to count the number of times we’ve mentioned a product available at Sharper Image. So consider the following list a small praise to the store:

– Biometrics BioVault 2.0 Fingerprint Safe
– Waterdrop Weather Station Clock
– Franklin 12-Language Translator
– Sangean HD Radio
– Star Wars Poker Chip Set
– Prepara Herb-Savor
– The ISIS puzzle globe

e-Menu: Say goodbye to waiters

Imagine yourself walking into a restaurant, and having to interact with an electronic menu instead of an actual waiter. Would you find it useful? Or would you prefer the traditional method?

Somewhere in Europe, USA, Japan, and other places, it is already possible use an e-menu, which is basically a touchscreen with the menu, so you can order the food without talking to a human. Obviously, the screen can also be used for other tasks besides displaying the menu list, such as playing games and more.

In the end, the e-Menu is good for restaurants because they save time and money on waiters. On the other hand, they lose all the interaction. What do you think? Technology wins in this case?

Check this Reuters article (and video) for more information on the electronic menu.

Sources: NYTimes

Guest post by Tiago of Gadgetizer

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Richard Says: February 27, 2008 at 11:32 pm

Sharper image is only closing about half of their stores and leaving the other half open to pay back the debts. So I’m pretty sure people that live in rich cities will still be able to go shop there.

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