Glowing Pegs US Travel Map


travelmap.jpgHow many of you US citizens have actually traveled the length and breadth of your huge country? Not too many hands, I see. Well take the Glowing Pegs US Travel Map as an indicator of all the states you have visited (or have yet to).

This is the wall map that uses multi-colored translucent pegs that glow when inserted into the maps back-lit surface, dramatically illuminating your cross-country family drives and dream destinations. The map is lit by a 32-watt bulb inside a black hardwood frame and light box that only extends 3″ from a wall. The map is made by Rand McNally, renowned cartographers since 1856, and depicts a 1″:1,000 mile scale version of the US. Color-matching relief show topographical changes. The map comes with 60 light pegs (10 each in six colors), allowing for a variety of different location classifications, such as places traveled, desired vacations, and more. Includes a hole punching tool and two white pegs to patch mistakes. 6′ cord plugs into AC.

Well, this is definitely a visual reminder of letting you know just how many states you have left to visit, or visited – depending on what you want the lighted pegs to represent. $249.95 to show off to visitors on just how well-traveled you are.

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