One-time use battery for your iPod

iPod Cellboost

Every now and then I see a product that will just have environmentalists up in arms. Usually these are products that use unnecessary amounts of power for nothing more than one’s own amusement. However, this time it’s simply a battery that is intended for a single use. This Cellboost will keep your iPod going during those times when you absolutely must listen to some tunes.

This iPod-compatible Cellboost is exactly what it sounds to be. I’m sure you’ve heard of the Cellboost, which gives you power for your phone for short periods of time. I understand the use of such a gadget, as phone calls can be extremely important, if not life-saving in some cases. However, I wonder just how much one might actually need to listen to music.

If you don’t really mind the fact that you’re buying a battery that you intend to use only once (mind you I haven’t purchased a non-rechargeable battery in years) then this product is pretty cool. It will work with any dockable iPod and will net you up to 8 hours of playback. The price isn’t bad, as you’ll only be charged $5.99.

Source: Crave