FogScreen engages consumers in a new way


fogscreen1.jpgFogScreen has brought one- and two-meter walk-through projection screen made up of dry fog in the past, and now the company wants to collaborate further with advertisers so that their brands will be able to be presented in an entirely new medium. This shift in the vehicle of choice will definitely attract the attention of consumers, and what better place to debut this new technology than at the Las Vegas Nightclub & Bar Convention which will be held this week. this week.

The FogScreen One (one meter) and Inia (two meter) both utilize patented technology to create a thin layer of fog that is dry to the touch and environmentally safe. The one-meter-wide screen provides the option of seamlessly linking with additional FogScreen One projection devices to create a fog-canvas as large as the imagination desires. Both the FogScreen Inia and One have fully interactive capabilities that can be implemented as well.

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