Xbox 360 HD DVD player price slashed further



Looks like there is no turning back for HD DVD, as the death knell has already ushered in the age of firesales – first for dedicated HD DVD players in electronic boutique stores all over Japan and in the US, and now we have Microsoft doing their bit to stop the spread of HD DVD by shutting down their manufacturing sector of the ill fated Xbox 360 HD DVD player peripheral. In addition, retailers in the US have also extended more price cuts to the Xbox 360 HD DVD player, slashing the price to drop it just below the $50 mark.

Amazon is getting rid whatever is left in their inventory at that low, low price, while K-Mart joined in on the revelry (or should I say solemn funeral) by offering a reduced price to its online customers. Needless to say, Amazon’s low pricing strategy worked fine as the device was already sold out this morning. If you’re in the market for cheap HD DVD titles, they can be purchased from Best buy for $14.99 upwards, with the price being applicable to both walk-in and online customers.

For those cheapskates among you, how much lower must the Xbox 360 HD DVD Player’s price drop before you actually shell out the dough to bring a set home with you? Don’t tell me you’re waiting to pick it up at the $5 bargain bin? Surely the Xbox 360 HD DVD Player is worth more than that – if all else fails, just think of it as yet another standard DVD player that has the ability to play HD DVDs as well. After all, HD DVD movies should be dirt cheap to pick up from now on, and you get to experience ‘the look and sound of perfect’ for one last time before the entire chapter is finished. I wonder whether HD DVD players will be worth more in the future as they get scarcer – probably not. Still, early adopters who actually forked up $199 in the beginning for the Xbox 360 HD DVD Player must be seething right now.

Source: PunchJump

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