Private Resort Towel Warming Shelf


towel-warming-shelf.jpgWho doesn’t want to dry themselves with a nice, warm towel? The Private Resort Towel Warming Shelf does the trick, although you have to cough up $119.95 for one of these in your bathroom.

This compact heated shelf keeps towels comfortably warm, dry, and within easy reach while saving valuable floor space. Heat from the rails rises up through stacked towels and accumulates for maximum thermal retention and dispersion throughout the whole towel, so bath linens are pleasant to the touch whenever you use them. The efficient 65 watt dry heating element draws as little power as a standard light bulb so it can be left on continuously and can’t leak like oil-filled or hydronic towel warmers. The rack can also be used to dry damp hats and gloves in chilly winter weather, or to aid drying of bathing suits or delicate articles of clothing. The shelf also has a non-heated bar for hanging towels or other bath items. Commercial grade steel tubing stands up to years of use and has a polished chrome finish. The illuminated power switch tells you at a glance that the shelf is operating.

Well, there’s not much use of this in spring, but at least grab this before the next winter arrives.

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