Logitech Z Cinema PC Speakers Rock Your World

by Mark R

Z Cinema

Logitech wants users to know that just because the sound is on your PC, it doesn’t mean it has to be mediocre. To prove this point, they have created the Z Cinema Advanced Surround Sound System.

The Z Cinema speakers are probably better than the speakers on most household stereos. The kit comes with two satellite speakers that are about a foot tall each, plus a powerful subwoofer that is so big you will want to put it underneath your desk. All of this adds up to some serious sound with 180 watts RMS total power with full SRS Surround Sound.

One of the best features of the Z Cinema is the easy connectivity. All you need to do is connect it via USB, connect the satellite speakers to the subwoofer, use the CD Rom, and you’ll have the cool sound in minutes.

Of course, what would a stereo be without a remote? The Z Cinema has a remote control that is capable of controlling the volume, the bass, treble, and even your multimedia programs with Windows Media Center Edition or Vista.

Another fantastic feature is the input and output functions. One of the satellite speakers has a headphone jack as well as an input jack for connecting an MP3 player or audio sources.

The Z Cinema Advanced Surround Sound System is available now for $299.99. It is got to be one of the best ways to experience sound on your PC.

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