LG Voyager: I touched, I texted, I loved

LG Voyager Second Shot

I discussed LG Voyager before, and I had a chance to try it out as a user last weekend. What I found was the LG Voyager could easily be my next cell phone.

The first thing you should know about the LG Voyager is that it is the first phone on the market with a touchscreen and QWERTY keyboard. The touchscreen works just like the iPhone, but the Voyager has a vibrating touch system so the user has some tactile feedback.

The phone then opens for a second screen with the QWERTY keyboard. This comes in handy when you surf the Internet with the HTML browser, and you can even flip it to the touchscreen for some net-surfing with just your finger. Surfing the net on this gadget takes some getting used to, but it is worth it for the convenience.

Not only does the Voyager do Internet well, but it has an excellent 2.0 Megapixel camera with both video and still capability. The Voyager can also do Bluetooth as well as music.

Other features include the V CAST Mobile TV, and the Voyager has an extendable antenna for it. This service costs a little more in the subscription, as does the Navigator function.

I think the LG phone could easily make a splash in today’s market, and it is available now off the LG website from Verizon.

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9 thoughts on “LG Voyager: I touched, I texted, I loved”

  1. The first phone with qwerty and touch screen? You ever heard of smart phones? There are tons of qwert keyboards on touchscreen phones. I realise you are talking about regular phones but still.

  2. Just curious as to what is meant by “The touchscreen works just like the iPhone”. Does it do gestures just like the iPhone? If not (and I already know the answer), it’s not even in the same league.

  3. Yeah dude, its not even close to the first touchscreen/qwerty phone, lol.

    And…I think I will take CNet’s word over Steve’s. Not in the same league…mmkay fanboy.

  4. According to my Source at LG, the Voyager is the first handset with touchscreen and QWERTY keyboard. If anyone knows any others, please let me know.

    Also, someone asked whether this phone can do “gestures”. If you mean sweeping touches on the screen, it does allow that, yes.

  5. It’s not there are a fair few, I’ve been using the HTC TyTN II for the past 6 months and the previous model (which also had a full QWERTY keyboard and touch screen) for 18 months before that.

    I think your contact at LG was exaggerating some what.

  6. Mark, did you mean to say that it is the first phone on the market or the first LG phone on the market? If you meant the first LG phone then I would take your word on it but it isn’t the first phone period on the market that has touchscreen along with a qwerty keyboard. I am thinking now that this is what you meant as I am sure you know about all the HTC handsets.

  7. Cheers Peezy, how does the Voyager compare to the TyTN, I quite like my TyTN but it goes online a lot with out me knowing which is leading to some hefty bills. It was online for 26 hours before I noticed which I expect is going to cost me some.

  8. Hey Al. I dunno. Of course I had to switch to Verizon in order to get the Voyager. I would say that the cometics of the phone are alot cooler. I enjoy the flip open screen as oposesed to the slide function of the TyTN but thats just a matter of opinion. In my experience, everything has worked as claimed, fast internet and so on. I think that mb usage is more expensive with Verizon then it was with Cingular but you could check on their sites about that to be sure. I just miss Windows Mobile, you could do so much with it. There’s just not much you can do with the Voyager’s OP and there aren’t near as many third party apps for it either. I will probably be switching back to a WinMo phone pretty soon, there are some Voyager-esque WinMo’s rumored to be coming out this year.

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