A floppy drive that might actually be useful

Floppy card reader

I spent several years of my life as a PC technician. I did many tasks which ranged from selling and building new computers to troubleshooting networks and general PC repair. One thing that you quickly learn is that the people that tend to have the most problems are also the ones running the oldest hardware. Needless to say, I worked on plenty of machines running Windows 95 and 98, which also meant I worked with a lot of floppy disks. I hated keeping a floppy drive in my computer, but sadly it was essential to my job. I don’t think I’d mind it quite as much if the drive served another purpose like reading multiple memory cards.

While most computers have no shortage of free bays for installing floppy drives and such, it’s somewhat less embarrassing to have a multipurpose drive. If someone laughs, just tell them that you keep it around because of your digital camera. There’s no need to mention that you have a fascination with backing up small bits of data on the world’s least dependable disk format. The price it a bit high in my opinion, I don’t think I could justify paying nearly $40 for a floppy drive, even if it does read six different types of memory.

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  1. I must say that after buying mine over 3 years ago, yep that far back, it makes a huge impact on retrieving data from my SD cards. Granted it stays on the computer but I have a few SD cards and having to put one in the camera, GPS or phone to retrieve the data is just annoying. OK the GPS and the phone are easy cause they are almost always in but the camera is just bliss with this little guy.

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