A kayak you can stand in


Stand Up Fisherman’s Kayak
You can’t normally fish and kayak at the same time (unless you enjoy getting wet), however that could change with the new fisherman’s kayak.

This is the only kayak available that uses a patented extendable outrigger system to stabilize the craft, enabling outdoor enthusiasts to fish from a standing position. Made of durable polyethylene with stainless steel and aluminum hardware, the kayak has two independent outriggers that pivot outward 45 to its centerline, yet both swing back into position to form the aft section of the craft to allow for smooth paddling.

The fisherman’s kayak costs $1,899.95 and is available at Hammacher.

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mike Says: February 24, 2008 at 8:10 am

There are a number of open cockpit kayaks that are designed to be used for fishing and diving. I know several fly fishermen that use them. They are very wide kayaks that are very stable even on the flats. If you are planning on using your kayak for fishing, you might want to invest in a sea anchor to slow down your drift.

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