Polaroid Lives Thanks to New Digital Picture Frame


In case you missed it, Polaroid announces the end of the Instant Film about a week ago. All I could think about was how a chic photo era has come to a close, and how that guy in Memento will be forever lost. In case you haven’t seen Memento, it is an awesome film about Leonard Shelby (Guy Pearce), a detective with short-term memory loss that has to remind himself of his case with Polaroids.

Hopefully, Leonard has gone with digital photos by now. Yet if he liked the nostalgic effect of the Polaroid Instant film, he could always go with this concept digital frame.

All Leonard would have to do is put his memory card in a slot on the bottom of the frame, and navigate with the touch screen to view his memories. He could do the Standard mode to see his memories one at a time, or enjoy a fading slideshow with the Classic mode.

The stand on the back can rotate into an upward position, making a hole to put a push pin through. It is perfect for that map Leonard had in his hotel room.

Unfortunately, there is a small problem. See the white frame area? That isn’t able to change with the photo. It’s just a dry-erase mini-whiteboard. In other words, the words on the frame won’t change with the photos.

Sorry, Leonard, but you’re not going to be getting John G. anytime soon with this technology. Maybe they should make it so the user can attach a handwritten message to the picture itself. Now that would be worth developing.


3 thoughts on “Polaroid Lives Thanks to New Digital Picture Frame”

  1. Why? That’s like signing up to join the Save the Hummer petition to keep polluting the environment- get a life. You either live in this era or go live by yourself in some lonely forrest with your dog without technology or people. Poloraid film was dead long ago, it’s just now they are finally admitting it’s passed away and this fool wants to bring it back. Okay, am going to have a petition to bring back 8 track tapes, vinyl records, typewriters, and that dialing thingy of telephone because am tired of just easily pressing buttons, I liked it the old way, the harder method instead LOL!

  2. Lets say to save a debate about bring it back or not cons or pros. Enough people sing and then what? Are all those people that signed the petition going to throw away their cool digital instantly down loadable cameras with flash drives and start using Polaroid film again and get used too blurry not so clear images? The point am trying to make, there will not be enough revenue to keep the company afloat because there will not be ANY demand except by a small few like movie industry making old style films where they go back in time to the past when using these cameras was cool LOL! Put your energy into saving animals or helping the homeless for crying out loud and growup. Save Polaroid film, gosh!

  3. In the words of Jackson Pollack, “F%@K PICASSO” Listen you snide little turd, polaroid film is much more than “blurry not so clear images.” It runs an entire gambit of formats all the way up to 8×10 sheet film and produces beautiful images which nothing else will come close. It allows for massive artistic expression and experimentation such as emulsion transfers. If you want to talk about damaging the environment, take a look at how much hazardous material is produced in making even one digital camera.

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