NDrive G400 PND knows when you’ve had one too many

by Mark R

NDrive G400 PND

Every once in a while, some new gadget comes along that is so obvious that you have to wonder why someone else didn’t invent it.

The NDrive G400 PND is one such device. At first, the NDrive G400 looks like any other Personal Navigation Device. It has a 3.5 inch screen that is completely touch-friendly, along with the usual application menu of a GPS.

What makes the G400 stand out is that one of the applications is a breathalyzer test. That’s right, a device that helps you drive can actually recommend that you don’t drive. All you need to is touch the application, wait for it to calibrate, and then literally blow into the device itself.

It will then give you a measurement of your Blood Alcohol Level, and tell you if it is okay for you to drive. If you are not okay to drive, it will give you directions to the nearest Starbucks so you can sober up. Just kidding! It will recommend that you don’t drive, and that is about all. In other words, the text-to-speech will probably say: “You are going…nowhere.”

Further developments could make it so a drunken ready actually it locks up the car, so the drunken driver can’t drive. That is something that could save lives.

Unfortunately, this device is only available in Portugal at a price of $300. Considering the number of people killed in drunk-driving accidents each year in America, let’s hope it makes it to the USA soon.


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